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Buying a Home According to Haney Garcia Realty Group, and then some

Every person has dreamt of owning a home. For many of us who still have this unfulfilled need, here are some valuable recommendations from Haney Garcia. She and her company consider it their commitment to “discover your future”. They are:



  • List down your non-negotiable needs

What does this mean? What are negotiable? They simply our unique dream features, such as where you want your home to be, whether in a particular city or beside a lake or a two-storey deal and others. Of course, some of these may end up being sacrificed I favour of price considerations eventually; so make sure your non-negos are realistic.



  • Determine a price range

This is where the initial test comes whether you can ascertain the delivery of your must-haves or not. Targeting a house, for example, in a pricey subdivision or residential area may instantly disqualify you based on your price range. Don’t’ despair! Price is not the final determinant for making a dream a reality. Scouting around may give you even more than you might have imagined. Location and accessibility are great factors to consider in buying a house; but there are others that may provide you other benefits and perks; such as accessibility or proximity to your children’s schools, to hospitals, to recreation area and other places you might like to be close to.



  • Contact a lender and obtain a pre-approval letter

This will allow you to determine how much you might be able to borrow form that lender and the payment terms. Armed with this information, you can easily scout around for prospective homes you could purchase through that loan. The lender may also provide you with assistance on certain aspects of the home purchase; such as information on foreclosed homes or lot properties which may be suitable for your needs.



  • Narrow down a location

This is where you finally reduce choices to one or a few possible hoes which satisfy your family requirements. You may not need to come up with one particular choice as, a sit often happens, some issues will arise form that particular choice, unless you are buying one which your best friend or a relative may have offered to you for a greatly reduced price.



  • Outline needs versus wants

A tough task to undertake, particularly for those who have peculiar wants they consider non-negotiable – like buying a medium-sized farm property out in the country in order to fulfil your dream of becoming a small-time farmer or gardener. For young retirees who do not have children around the house to worry about, this may be feasible and ay qualify as a need. And even some young families have done so with children in tow. It will be all up to you what you consider as valuable and is, therefore, a need and not merely a want.



  • Solidifying your ideal home choice

The final step is to solidify your ideal home with the help of Haney Garcia Realty Group area experts. Fine-tuning your issues with respect to location, price range, needs and wants, as well as the nitty-gritty questions on loans and repayments in the presence of experienced professionals will guarantee that you will eliminate certain risks and missteps you might not otherwise avoid on your own.


Haney Garcia Realty Group  is a real dream-weaver as well as harvester. Realty experts can aid you discover your future and your dream not merely by making your dream home come true but also by making it become clearer and more real as you envision it with them. This will make you path to your dream enjoyable and memorable and not the stressful undertaking it is often perceived to be.

Source: http://jaykrooger.blog.com/2014/01/15/buying-a-home-according-to-haney-garcia-realty-group-and-then-some

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5 Mortgage Scams


Den tröga ekonomin och långsamt återhämta sig bostadsmarknaden skapar en perfekt miljö för inteckning lurendrejeri, med desperata villaägare som lätt byte för bedragare. Skurkarna säga vad du vill höra. De gör affären låter lockande och legit. Du är misstänksam i början, men någonstans på vägen, du ger dem pengar eller underteckna dokument du inte skulle underteckna. Snart, du inser att du har blivit lurad.


Tusentals villaägare är lurade i inteckning bedrägerier varje år och lurendrejare inte behöver leta långt för offren, säger Yolanda McGill, senior rådgivare för Fair Housing & rättvisa utlåning projektet, ett initiativ av juristernas utskottet för medborgerliga rättigheter enligt lag i Washington, D.C.


De flesta offren nå ut till scammers sig genom sökningar på Internet, säger hon. Hon grundar sin slutsats på tusentals klagomål som hennes organisation har fått från inteckning bluff offer.


"De människor som visar i våra databaser är människor som söker hjälp på Internet", säger hon.


Stället för att hitta hjälp, hittar de en bluff.


Du bör vara medveten om följande gemensam inteckning bedrägerier.